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The Key is Desire

Today I am writing in hopes of giving some of you a new perspective. I’m writing to those of you who think you aren’t crafty or creative.  I hear so many of my friends and colleagues tell me they don’t even try DIY projects because of their “creativity deficiency”. First of all that’s not even a real thing!  You don’t need to be creative to have fun crafting or cooking or gardening. You just need the desire. The rest will come with experimentation and practice. I believe we are all born with an inherent ability to create.  Being able to recognize and develop that ability is what’s behind my dream of this blog/digital magazine. I guess you could say it’s what drives this tribe! Lol. Use the download button below to print this sign to frame and decorate your space and serve as a reminder…YOU ARE CREATIVE! 

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun!

Decorate your creative space with this fun reminder! Free printable below.

Banish Fear of Failure

But seriously, these “non-crafting” friends follow a variety of creatives on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. They subscribe to websites like mine or buy books and magazines on how to make things.  They even go to sip and paint parties and wind up producing beautiful art. So I always ask them, why the reluctance to try something new, something more? It basically comes down to fear. Fear of failure. It’s to blame for most of us not getting out of our comfort zones or trying something new.  

Have a Growth Mindset

I think we need to change our mindset and see any attempt we make at trying something new as a mini adventure and true accomplishment.  Most creative projects don’t require a lot of money or time if you break the project down into smaller, doable pieces. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is changing your bad habit of staying in your comfort zone.  What do you have to lose? Even more importantly, think of what you have to gain! I can tell you from my own personal experience I have never looked back on a creative endeavor and wished I hadn’t tried. Those small early successes built my confidence.  Those successes are fulfilling, gratifying and rewarding beyond the mere words to describe them. Now I am always on the hunt for new things to try. And, I don’t just mean DIY projects. Any activity that enriches my life or the lives of those I love is worth some consideration and work. You just have to set your mind to not judge your success by the finished project but by the effort you took in breaking out of a fear mind set and a stagnant comfort zone.   

Action Builds Confidence

Not sure how to get started? Start small with this free printable.  Yes, I’m serious! Visual reminders inspire action.

Just do it!

Print it out, read it, think about it EVERY day, meditate on it and then DO IT! Just one step at a time.  Creativity needs to be fed in order to grow. There are so many enjoyable ways to do this. You need to set your mind to intentionally look through your new creatively aware eyes as you go about your day to be able to soak up the ideas.  Inspiration is everywhere! Believe it or not, creativity is just like any other discipline the more you practice the better you will get. Remember the reward is in the journey, not the destination.

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