A Little Bit About My World

Welcome to our “tribe” of creators, crafters and makers. I want this to be a fun, creative, community where you can come as you are and learn, teach, inspire. C’mon in and craft awhile. Craft your story, make some friends and wander with your tribe.

What Do YOU Want to See?

I want to get to know you and hear from you. Your feedback helps me be your go-to fun spot for those of you who are passionate to produce unique and fabulous food, crafts and whatever dreams you may have! Don’t worry if you are new to crafting or cooking or a seasoned pro.  Don’t be timid! Jump in and join us! We have something here for everyone! Even some free files, recipes and tutorials for those of you who subscribe!

What’s your story?

Are you a reluctant crafter, or cook that has a fear of failure? Do you find yourself intimidated by all the amazing things you see on Pinterest?  Or are you an experienced artist/crafter/chef that would enjoy having a place where your creative efforts and talents are recognized? If you said yes to any of the above, then you are in the right place! 

Join the Tribe!  What are you waiting for?

That’s what I’m here for and the reason for this site!!!  I will walk you through step-by-step and give you all the tips, tricks and ways to start small, as well how to think big, and tackle a dream hobby (for me that is learning to use a laser-eeeek).  I will help you connect and become part of a community where wanna-be-artists, foodie aficionados can make and create alongside polished professionals, or with those of you who are somewhere in between. 

Teaching and creating are my passion.

Creating, crafting, cooking and making have always been part of my life. But, while I was a stay at home mom when our girls were little I discovered I needed something more.  More challenging than laundry, buckling car seats and watching Barney!

Happy Accident

Quite accidentally fell into the world of paper arts, inks and rubber stamps at a “Stamping Party” at a friends house.  (Yes, those were a thing years ago.) I remember thinking there is no way people are going to spend money on that stuff just to use rainbow ink on glossy paper and make a card for someone. It annoyed me SO much that I had to figure out what else grown adults could do with these expensive blocks of wood and rubber!  Then I found all the papers, glitters, embossing powders, micas, embellishments and all kinds of ephemera.

Inspiration is Everywhere

It put me on a life changing journey that led to making some of my creative dreams come true. First, I got hired as a feature writer/project contributor for Rubber Stamper Magazine which allowed me to work from home. Since I was a little girl reading Family Circle and Woman’s Day with my mom I have dreamed of working for a magazine and getting something I made or wrote with my own two hands published. It was THRILLING and I LOVED every single minute of it! 

You Never Know Where Life Will Take You

I was comissioned to design for some of the best craft companies in the world like Fiskars, Xyron, Colorbox, Planet Rubber, Just For Fun, and many others. Imagine  getting all your craft supplies for free and getting paid to create and play with them?!?!

Dreams Do Come True

I had well over 100 pieces of artwork published in Rubber Stamper before I lost count.  I also had works published in RubberStampMadness, Stamper’s Sampler, and Somerset Studio as well. Talk about some powerful artistic validation! It literally made an artsy adrenaline junkie out of me! My dream began to take shape.

 A season or seasoning for everything…

Life Happens

As the girls got ready to start school, so did I.  I went back to work as a teacher and lost touch with my dream until technology came knocking on my door along with all the social media platforms that go with it. Where else can you learn how to Cricut some amazing vinyl signs, or pour paint like a comissioned artist, make scones that would make the queen smile, grow heirloom tomatoes like a boss, make glamourous glitter tumblers, or ???   You get the idea. There is so much out there to learn that it can be overwhelming thinking of where or how to start.

My calling…

That’s what I am here for, to help YOU find your craft groove or give YOU the courage and inspiration to try something new.  Maybe there’s a new project, technique or recipe you’ve had your eye on, but were just too afraid to try? Like me with my Glowforge laser– I am a TOTAL newbie in the laser world, but I am loving the journey! 

Let’s Travel This Road Together

Let me lead the way for you. I’ll share my successes AND my failures. You heard me! There aren’t a lot of people in this world willing to show you that! I will remove the mystery of how they got those perfect Pinterest pins.  Face it, we don’t get to see the behind the scenes look at the 7 failed attempts before they “pinned” it. We all know, no one hits a homerun every time. In this community, this tribe, that is A-Ok. Who knows? Maybe we’ll share a laugh or two as you come along for the ride. 

Do you have a dream?

So, here is my dream, my vision, my mission: To create a FREE digital craft, cook, create, lifestyle magazine where our community gets featured for our collective and individual talents.   Where we come to quench our thirst for all things creative and feed our hunger for food, fun and “craftdrenaline” (Yes, I made that word up.) We needed our own word to describe the high that comes from having the work we design, create and produce with our own two hands recognized and appreciated.)

Are you Ready???

Are you ready to have some fun and share your dreams and talents with your tribe? Then submit those works of art!! If you created it, it’s submission worthy!!! Your crafts, recipes, foodie photos, garden, etc. can all be showcased here! Have questions or suggestions? Comment below. 

Guess I wasn’t the only one that was excited about getting a Cricut!

Helping me build my dollhouse. Did you know I LOVE minis???

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  1. Ellen Hawley

    I love your cats. Every last furry one of them.

    • Kim Berry

      Ellen you made my night! They bring so much fun into our life. They said to thank their biggest fan for them.

    • Kim Berry

      Ellen you made my night! They bring SO much joy into our lives! They also said to thank their biggest fan for the compliment!

  2. Brenda

    Kim, I really loved reading this page. Not only are you talented… but truly inspiring. You have such a beautiful family. I’d like to add….that I am blessed that our worlds have collided.

    • Kim Berry

      Brenda I feel EXACTLY the same! I am so thankful our paths crossed! I can tell by your posts if we lived closer we would definitely be having some girls nights!

    • Kim Berry

      Brenda I feel EXACTLY the same way! I am so thankful our paths crossed. If we lived closer we would definitely be having some girl’s nights!

  3. You Can Always Start Now

    I think we all need a safe place to explore. So many people stop before they have really tried and comparison game! OMG. To be part of a tribe is great and a digital magazine that would be incredible. Looking forward to you making that dream happen.

    • Kim Berry

      Thanks Amelia! Please feel free to send me any projects for our gallery!

  4. jennybhatia

    I loved reading about your skills and passion. I wish I had a tiny bit of artistic ability, but I really don’t. Some of your fun ideas spark my interest to try, though. So, thank you for that. And I love the cat pictures.

    • Kim Berry

      Jenny you really really could do any of these projects. If you ever decide to try one and need some extra encouragement contact me. I am happy to help!

  5. Jean | Delightful Repast

    Came over from Esme’s–glad to meet you! What a beautiful family, including those three handsome boys, Colby, Diesel and Remy.

    • Kim Berry

      The “boys” LOVE their fans! Lol. Seriously though, thank you! Glad to have you here!

      • jennybhatia

        I love all of the pictures you included here. I may go back and add some to my About Me Page. Love how it looks and how we get a glimpse into your real world.

        • Kim Berry

          Thanks Jenny. The about me page is sort of tricky. You want readers to be able to feel a connection and get to know the real you but you don’t want to come off self absorbed. Lol
          It’s a fine line. I appreciate the feedback!


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