Shiplap style baby name sign for a woodland themed baby boy nursery
Baby Milestone Markers with a personalized bag to store them in

Have you ever noticed in life how things happen in three’s? Currently I have three friends at work that are expecting babies within just a couple of months of each other.  This “baby wave” has brought a breath of fresh air to the school where I work because it has been a long time since we have had a “baby season”. Literally, I love my work peeps so I really wanted to create a gift that would be something special and personal.   Farmhouse style, shiplap and wood gave me the inspiration for the gift I wanted to make for the first of these three baby showers.

Lasers Are Like MAGIC!

Having the Glowforge Laser Printer makes creating beautiful gifts like these a dream!  Seriously this gadget has changed my creative life! If you think you need one of these in your life I can save you some money.  My Link will save you $500 off a Pro, $250 off a Plus, or $100 off a Basic and earn me a commission without costing you a penny more!   Click here to save $$$ While we are at it, I should let you know that this post contains some other affiliate links as well for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it doesn’t cost you a thing)!  Read my full privacy and disclosure policy here.

How to get started with your Glowforge is right here…

See the video here!

First Up- Baby Milestone Markers

I love the the baby milestone marker trend so I thought I would laser engrave a set for not only the months but for other milestones too.  Some sweet and some silly. Like taco Tuesday (obviously only for taco loving parents- Lol), or first tooth, first haircut, first full night of sleep or first whatever.  I even added one for the big sisters. I masked my wood before I lasered them because this was such a light Birch and I wanted to keep it that way.

I Love the Purpose of the Markers

These “milestone markers” are used in pictures to narrate an event. They can be laid down, held, or propped up creatively in photos to give them an extra pop of unique charm.  

The circles flip over for the even numbered months.
I couldn’t resist making this one for the parents-to-be!

Packaging is Important

As my idea was coming together I thought it would be super cool to have a pretty way to present them.  Given the milestone markers were going to be rustic and wood I liked the idea of grouping them together as a set inside one of these muslin, drawstring bags.  I whipped out my Cricut and some plain, black HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and made the perfect, personalized package (say that 3 times fast-Lol). A gift bag that can be used well after the baby has outgrown the gift. 

The little prince can use this bag for all kinds of things in the future.

Shiplap Baby Name Sign

Since I knew the name that the couple had already chosen, I decided to go one step further and make a name sign for the baby that would fit with the theme of their nursery.  They decided on a rustic woodland theme with sort of neutral colors with animals like bears, foxes, racoons, etc.  

Before paint was applied. I liked it both ways actually.
The finsihed name sign for the nursery.

I had a perfect base pattern from a fellow laser fan.  Mark J Collier from Big Blue Laser Designs created this FREE nifty “shiplap” looking circle.  Mark is actually what I’d call a laser Guru.   He has lots of great, laser friendly designs in his Etsy shop.  

The Process

Watch how it comes together here…

I used Inkscape to design all the milestone markers, the bear and name.   Inkscape is a free graphic design program you can use to create a variety of files like SVG’s, PNG’s, PDF’s, etc.  All of which are important if you have a cutting machine like Cricut,  Silhouette, or a laser like the Glowforge. Even without the laser you could come pretty close to making this whole project just using your Cricut with some minimal alterations.  I have included the bear file I created below for you to use in your projects.

A screen shot of what it looks like to design in Inkscape.
The view of how my Inkscape name file looks in the Glowforge laser user screen on my computer

Sign Making is Addicting!

Baltic Birch plywood was used for constructing the base and name. After assembling the “shiplap” circle base with some basic wood glue I painted it using Stormy Sky Pickling Wash by Folk Art. Flat black was used for the name. Walnut wood was used for the bear. The bear was left in its natural Walnut finish.  Adding the name on top of the bear after the black paint had dried completed the sign. A second and slightly different personalized muslin sack was used to wrap and protect the sign. Then, both gifts were placed into a box and wrapped.  I was so excited and ready for the first of the three baby showers. 

Feeling Accomplished

The expression of the mommy-to-be when she opened the gift literally made me feel like it was worth its weight in gold.  There is just something so rewarding in creating something that will be treasured by those you care about.  

Now It’s Your Turn!

The best part of this project is it can be customized in as many ways as you can imagine. Just think, you could create this for any age, from girly flowers to big trucks or even something for an adult in your life, the design is totally up to you!  If this inspires you to try a project like this then please post it on your Instagram with the #kimsdiytribe hashtag. I’d LOVE to see your creations!  

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