Here is a super fun and easy, starter project for those of you wanting to try working with resin.

UV Resin Special Effect Bookmarks

Resin is an Amazing Crafting Medium

Resin can be used for so many things like jewelry, (See here for another beautiful project)  coasters, trinket dishes, beads, and so much more.  It is a fantastic sealer for some wood projects. And can even be used as colorant to fill engraved wood and acrylic pieces. 

UV Resin Provides Instant Gratification

In this project we are using UV Resin which means it cures almost instantly under a UV light. That means it does not require the careful measuring and mixing that the more traditional two part epoxy resins need.  

The Kids are Going to Love This

All the materials in the list below will provide you with enough product and tools to try a couple of fun UV resin projects.    It is so simple in fact that this is a great one to do with your kids! I’ve provided a couple of fun twists you can choose from to customize this project and give it some surprise “special effects”.  

Surprise Special Effects

The “special effects” come from some of  the materials you will see below. In the  list you will see the words “thermochromic pigment powder” and “photochromic pigment powder” and the more recognizable “glow in the dark pigment powder”. These are additives you will be mixing into the resin. You don’t need all three of these choices but they will add loads of fun to tons of other craft projects you already do or might like to try. 

Getting all Scientific

Let me explain, thermochromic means that the product changes color based on temperature.  So, if you make a bookmark using this additive then when you hold the bookmark in your warm hands it will change color! Then, when it lays on a cool surface it will change back to the original color. 


Kids are going to LOVE this stuff!! Give them a clear cup of warm and cold water and watch them experiment with dipping the bookmark. (Which has now basically become a cool color changing plastic stick.) Let them play, watching how quickly the color change reaction occurs.   If you want to get into this craft a little more think about using the thermochromic additive with a trinket dish or cup mold next time. You could wind up with a new bath or water play toy that children would love to use. (*Side note: I would not eat or drink out of any of these resin projects,read more here.)

Science Lesson Part 2

Next, let’s talk about photochromic powder and how it differs from thermochromic powder.  Photochromic means that is UV sensitive and will change color when exposed to sunlight or any UV light source. (Like the curing lamp we are using in this project).  If you choose to use this additive in your resin then when you take your book and bookmark on the go and say read in the car, or at the pool you will be able to see the “magic” happen.  

Did You Say “Glow in the Dark”?

Finally, there is the obvious glow in the dark option. It is loads of fun if you or your kiddo likes to read at night by flashlight.  You simply “charge” the bookmark under a bright light for a couple of minutes. Then, put it in a very dark room or location to see the glow.  

Nerd Alert – Teacher Moment Coming:

You can have a blast experimenting with combining the additives into your resin. Turn it into a science project with your kids.  After you have done a few basic bookmarks, have them follow the scientific method, make a hypothesis, including testing and recording the results. Science fair win in my opinion.  Lol.  

“Needs” v.s. “Wants”

Remember when I said,  “You don’t need all three additives”? These additives are also great to use in slime, homemade play-doh and clear nail polish to name a few.  You can even add them to puffy paint for clothing. And clear school glue or Mod Podge and paint with them! I would love for you to share what you make and comment below.  

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Simply click on any item in the materials list to order direct from Amazon.


UV Resin

Silicon tools for mixing resin and epoxy

UV curing lamp

Photochromic Pigment Powder 

Thermochromic Pigment Powder

Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder

Alcohol Ink Set 

Bookmark Molds

Nitrile Gloves


Pour some of the resin into a  shallow silicon bowl and mix in which ever additive you choose. Be sure to thoroughly incorporate the powders into the resin.  Then carefully pour the resin into your chosen mold. Place filled mold into the UV lamp and cure for approximately a minute or two. How long depends on how thick of a layer you pour into the mold. Then, flip the mold over to cure the underside right through the transparent mold. 

Be Sure to Watch the Video Below

This is not an exact science. See video below for specific techniques I used but feel free to add more or less additive and experiment. Half the fun is playing with your products and seeing the different outcomes you can create. 

You can also mix and match additives, alcohol inks, glitters and regular mica powders if you wish.

UV resin bookmark tutorial

Take This Project Even Further

You might want to get some cool bead or jewelry molds to use up your leftover resin. Here’s a great kit to get you started making your own jewelry.

One more tip. When working with resin if you want a shiny, glass like finish be sure to use a shiny mold.  If you prefer a matte or frosted looking finish then buy a non-shiny mold. Remember our talented tribe would love to see your creations on our Reader’s Project Gallery page. Send us pics of your projects and why not subscribe below to be in on more of the fun!

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