I love seeing the minis next to the real deal.

Today we are making our mini world just a little sweeter with this adorable miniature lollipop DIY suitable for 1:12 scale. I wanted to create a cute trick or treat porch scene to share on my mini social media and for my Etsy shop. This is a great miniature DIY to share with all of you .  I have no idea what type of real Halloween we will actually have this year due to Covid but in my land of mini,  “Rona” doesn’t even exist.  That’s the beauty of creating your own world!  You get complete decision making control – Lol.  This may be the perfect hobby for any of you with type A tendencies or control issues.  And of course I am raising my hand highest.  Hahaha

Miniatures are Fascinating

Miniatures are a fascinating world.  Dollhouses can be as simple or ornate as you want.  They come in all shapes, sizes and styles.  If you want to give miniatures a try on a small scale start with a room box.  They are loads of fun and don’t require much time, commitment, or expense and yield very rewarding results.  Just think of the candy shop you could create starting with this cute miniature lollipop DIY.

You can even repurpose things around your house to start your ride down the rabbit hole of minis.  Below are some amazing miniature laundry room boxes made out of old detergent bottles I found on Pinterest.   Check out how you can make some amazing signs to go with your mini laundry room.

Honey, I Shrunk the Hobby!

Any hobby or interest you can dream of can be, and probably has been, miniaturized.  Are you a foodie, baker or gourmetRead here about how popular miniature foods have gotten!  Is gardening  or flower arranging more your style?  What about Interior design, designer purses or shoes, maybe you’re more of a Mr. Fix It and like tools?  Whatever you fancy can be done in teeny, tiny scale like this miniature lollipop DIY .  

Let’s Make Lollipops

Now let’s  get started on these miniature DIY lollipops.  This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)!  Read my full privacy and disclosure policy here 

Miniature Lollipop DIY

What you need (All links below are for products I actually own and love):

UV Resin

UV Curing Light 

Resin Mixing Kit w/ silicone bowls

Alcohol Inks

White Spray Paint

Double Sided Tape

Polymer Clay (a small scrap piece is all you really need)

Heat Sealer (optional but handy for lots of household uses) 

The next couple of items I would buy from Dollar Tree, WalMart or Target:

Cheap plastic hairbrush with white bristles 

Plain white tissue paper like you use in gift bags

Dum Dum Lollipops (Optional for label use and accuracy) 

You will also need a sheet or two of white cardstock and access to a color ink printer and some scissors to be able to make the wrappers.  

See How It’s Done Here:


Spray paint the head/bristles of the hair brush white if the ends of the bristles are coated in protective plastic. Allow this to thoroughly dry.

Use the scissors to cut the bristles off the brush as close to the base of the brush as possible.  You want your lollipops to have as long a handle as possible in the beginning to make working with them easier.  We will trim them down at the end to make them look more realistic.  

*Read the instructions and precautions on how to use the UV Resin and the Curing Lamp before moving to the next step. 

Place a drop or two of the UV resin into one of the silicone mixing bowls and add a tiny dot of alcohol ink to the resin.  A toothpick is good for this purpose.  Stir and see if the color is the intensity that you desire.  If not carefully add a tiny bit more of the color you want.  If you add too much color the resin will not cure properly.  

Using the piece of polymer clay stick the handle end of your mini lollipop into the clay to help serve as a holder and dip the bristle end into the colored resin.  

Cure in the UV light by holding clay “handle” and turning (rotating) so the little drop of resin stays in an even, rounded shape.  This only takes about 5-10 seconds at most.  Then re-dip into the resin to build up layers of resin to complete the lollipop shape.  

When I have the look I want I place the “lollipop” into the UV light for 1 minute to give a final hard cure to the resin.  

My moment as a “Rapper”…Kidding

It’s all About the Packaging

Once you have made the quantity of lollipops you want you can start the process of wrapping them with this free printable.  To create realistic wrappers I took a piece of cardstock and applied double stick tape all along the outer edge.  Then, I adhered a same sized piece of regular white tissue paper to the double sided tape.  I was careful to keep it wrinkle free and flat so it would feed smoothly into my printer.  I set the printer to the cardstock/thick paper setting and ran my tissue coated cardstock through.  On my HP printer I put the tissue paper side face down in my paper tray.  Your printer may be different and could get jammed so do this at your own risk.  Then I cut out my wrappers and twisted them onto the lollipops while they were still in the polymer clay to give me more of a grip.  

It’s in the Bag!

If you would like to also make the Dum Dum bag to package your mini lollipops I have included the printable for this as well.  I printed the bags on regular copy paper and covered them with clear package sealing tape.  I heat sealed the ends of the bag using a heat sealer linked above but you could use more package sealing tape or double stick tape as well.  

That is all there is to it!  I hope you have fun crafting some lollipops of your own.  I would love for you to tag me if you make some!  #kimsdiytribe #magnoliaminis 

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