Personalized keychains could easily serve as backpack, lunchbox or jacket nameplate.

Infusible Ink

This is my new favorite supply…Cricut Infusible Ink!  When it first came out a lot of people weren’t sure how to use it.  It makes some pretty awesome effects on t-shirts, coasters, tote bags but this…this is the best use of all in my book!  I LOVE the look it creates when you fuse it to acrylic! 

Let’s Rock Your Acrylic World

Today I am going to share the short simple steps that I hope will help rock your acrylic world.  Lol.  But seriously, after you try this, just try to stop your imagination from coming up with all the creative applications.  My project was basic personalized keychains that could easily double as zipper pulls or name plates for backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, jackets, etc.  (Remember,  I live a double life as a 2nd grade teacher.  Haha, so finding things all over my room with no name instantly made me want to creatively solve this constant problem.)  

Soooo Many Gift Ideas…

This same technique could be used to create table decor for weddings, parties and showers. Make easy gifts for work like desk name plates and signs. (Maybe to add some humor to the work room?)    Just think of all the medals, awards and trophies for all the competitions, contests and sports events in your life.  You can even make jewelry with this technique.  Picture, if you will matching, custom, earring and pendant duos.    The list is limited only by your imagination!  ANYTHING you would use clear or transparent acrylic on would be a candidate for this process.

Let’s Get Started

Let’s get started.  First, I used my FAVORITE craft tool, the Glowforge laser to cut and engrave the acrylic. Need more convincing about how amazing this machine is read here. This seems like a good place to insert the obligatory “yada, yada” if you know what I mean. Lol.  This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)!  Read my full privacy and disclosure policy here. And if you’d love to have a laser in your life then use my link to save yourself some serious cash!  $500 off a Pro, $250 off a Plus, or $100 off a Basic.  And if you don’t have a Maker or a Glowforge, don’t worry!  I got you!  Keep reading.  

Laser or Not…I Got You Covered!

I hear the Cricut Maker will do something similar but I don’t know first hand because I have the Explore Air 2 and it does not cut acrylic. If you don’t have a laser or a Cricut Maker you can purchase pre-made acrylic blanks. (Linked below) Then, instead of engraving them,  you could still apply the fusible ink and decorate or personalize with stickers or vinyl. I would stick to something at least ⅛ inch thick to reduce the possibility of melting your acrylic.  I would not use this process on anything thinner.  

See the Process Here…

In the video below I take you through all the steps of how to design, cut and engrave your acrylic as well as apply the fusible ink.  

Part 1- The start of great things to come!

You will need:

Clear cast acrylic sheets (if you are lasering them)

Clear acrylic blanks (if you don’t have a Maker or Glowforge)

30 pack of circular key chain blanks

12 pack of acrylic table top sign blanks with stands

Cricut Infusible Ink ( I linked to the Mermaid set I used here)

Heat Resistant Tape

Cricut Mini Heat Press

Keychain/Zipper pull findings (cute tassels included)

Needle Nose Pliers


  1. Laser your acrylic piece or choose your acrylic blank. (*NOTE: remove any masking or clear film on acrylic before applying infusible ink. See video.)
  2. Heat your Cricut mini press to high (400 degrees F).
  3. Trace your acrylic shape onto the Cricut Infusible Ink sheet of your choice. 
  4. Cut out Infusible ink paper.
  5. Apply ink paper pattern side down to the BACK side of the acrylic piece.  
  6. Optional: You may want to apply heat resistant tape to hold your pieces secure for the next step.  
  7. Lay your project on to a heat safe surface (I always cover my surface with a clean towel.) Cover your project (Grid side will be facing you.) with the parchment included in your infusible ink package. 
  8. Apply your heat press or iron with steady pressure for 30 seconds. Do not rub or shift your ink paper or the design will smear or be inconsistent on your finished project.    
  9.  Wait a few seconds before carefully removing the ink paper.  IT WILL BE HOT.
  10.  When cool enough to handle comfortably, finish by adding your keychain findings, stand, etc..  

Sharing is Caring!!

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