Thank you Esme!

I had no idea a few months ago when I decided to build a website, brand, and blog what an amazing journey would ensue.  I totally had hopes, dreams, and goals but not the confidence that any of those would actually come to fruition. Man, oh man was I wrong! 

First, I learned that blogging is rewarding, stressful and fulfilling all at the same time. Secondly, the blogging community is bar-none the most amazing, supportive and encouraging group of professionals you ever want to be part of.  They understand the value of community in a way that I have never experienced before. They, as a collective, encourage, share, support and promote each other in a way, that when simplified, is nothing short of magic.


Bloggers network, collaborate and stand in the gap for one another when life throws you a curveball.  I’ve heard the stories and await my own blogger trials such as Facebook “jail”, Pinterest account deactivation, website crashes or worse yet… getting hacked. It’s really not an “if” type dilemma but when. The comfort comes when you see bloggers like Justine Warne, Trina Welch, Cindy Moore, Ashley Marie, Brenda West, Valerie Fowler, Talat Islam (just to name a few) come to the aid and support of other bloggers while asking nothing in return. 

Today I want to share about a specific blogger that I have had the pleasure of working with. Her name is Esme Slabs and she is the BOMB-DOT-COM!  She has created a blogging and media empire. And nominated me for the Bloggers Recognition Award!!!  (Crazy, random, arm flailing and excitement over here!) Thank you Esme for the nomination, to say that  I am thrilled and honored is an understatement! Readers, help me show this fantastic lady some love by using the links below and visiting, commenting, and sharing her sites. Trust me, you are definitely going to want to pin some of her fantastic recipes! 

Places To Connect With Esme:

  1. BAH FB Group: Blog-a-holics
  2. FB Group: Sharing, Inspiring, PromotingBloggers
  3. SIPB FB Group: The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy)
  4. SCI FB Page: @ShareCareAndInspire/
  5. Instagram: _esmesalon
  6. Pinterest: EsmeSalon
  7. Twitter: SundayMeetGreet
  8. Twitter: EsmeSalon
  9. Flipboard: EsmeSalon
  10. Mix: Eslabs – EsmeSalon

Here’s how the Bloggers Recognition Award works:


1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2. Write a post to show your award.

3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.

4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

5. Select up to fifteen bloggers you want to give this award to.

6. Comment (or pingback) on each blog to let them know that you’ve nominated them and provide a link to the post you’ve created

How I Got Started….

I started my blog about six months ago because I wanted to create a place for creators of all types to come and share their talents, projects and ideas with a like minded community. People with passions outside their regular nine to five job.   My vision is to use and transform my blog into a digital DIY magazine complete with craft, decorating, homesteading, and cooking “how to’s”. I want to inspire others to find their creative outlet and share it with us via our tribe. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro YOU belong here. We can share our hits and misses and encourage one another along the way. 

Two Pieces of Advice…. (I’ll pretend to know what I am doing)

My advice to new bloggers would be to research, research and do more research.  I spent months googling SEO, blogging, website building and design, and every other topic that would pop up in my searches.  Yes, it will feel like you are jumping into one rabbit hole after another until one day you realize how much you’ve learned and all your notes are forming an actual plan. 

My second piece of advice would be to loosely sketch out your blog plan for your entire first year. I don’t mean blog post topics, I mean the business part.  Set some goals, make a list of decisions that need to be made like how you are going to go about making your blog legal. Which social media platforms will you use?  How will you build and handle your email list? Will you place ads on your site? Are you going to monetize your blog? If you have a timeline it will help you tackle your blog chores one small step at a time and give you a clear, organized vision of what you are trying to accomplish.    

And the Nominees are…..

Now for the fun part.  I get to nominate some of my favorite bloggers for this same award!  These folks all have something special that just inspires me, motivates me or makes me laugh.   I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do. The list is in no particular order. 

  1. Ashley – The Irish Twins Momma
  2. Trina – Redneck Rhapsody
  3. Morgan – Olive Branch Cottage
  4. Lucy – Paper Glitter Glue
  5. Louise – Weird Louise
  6. Amira- A Self Guru
  7. Jenny – Traveling Party of Four
  8. Trent – Peek at This 
  9. Jason – Money Bumper
  10. Valerie – Valerie Fowler Writes
  11. Chris – Golden Bloggerz 
  12. Trish – Confessions of a Not so Crafty Momma
  13. Ashli – The Real Mom Blog
  14. Charlotte – Charlotte Shares Crafts & Wellness
  15. Tanya – The Phat Girl Blog

Go visit these fantastic sites. You won’t be disappointed! Please comment below and let me know who your favorite bloggers are as well. And while your here why not subscribe? I promise no email tsunami will ensue.

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